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Nearly everyone is familiar with the Black, Dun or Belted Galloway breed, few are aware of the recent resurgence of the White Galloway.

The unique colour variation is generating much interest in the United States, Canada and now Australia as well as in its homeland of Scotland.  World-wide popularity of the White Galloways has been limited in the past due to their rarity.

The White Galloway is not a new breed, although it is quite new to Australia.  It is rather a rare old strain of cattle that is mentioned in historic notes about the breed.  A 1743 early Scottish Galloway Society report described black as the most predominant Galloway colour, but outlined mixed herd colours of Red, Dun or White as being considered very pure.

The White Galloway may demonstrate a variety of colours, white with coloured points.  Perhaps the most common is white with black points – ear, nose, and feet.  Other coloured points are red or dun.  Speckling of colour throughout the white coat is also a characteristic of the White Galloway.